A 4 Year Old Church Plant

Gospel Church Bayfield is a reformed church in Bayfield, CO that has been sent out by Gospel Church Durango under the authority of the elders of that local congregation.  Our most important conviction is that the Bible is our ultimate authority and we want to obey and believe all that it says as we strive to do that together as a local church body.

We have 4 main tenants that govern the church’s goals and purposes: Gospel, Community, Worship, and Mission.  The gospel is our central focus, and we place our boast in nothing else but Jesus Christ (1 Cor 1:31).  We believe the church must be founded on and centralized around the gospel message if we are going to impact our community for Christ and ultimately bring glory to God.  For a fuller explanation of these 4 main ideas of our church, please visit our page on “Who We Are”

WHAT TO EXPECT:     We are a church of mainly younger families so we have lots of kids coming.  Do not be shy about bringing little ones who might be loud or distracting, they will fit right into the herd of toddlers we have each week!  We love children and are happy to have the occasional distraction they bring in order for them to learn what it means to worship God alongside their parents.  We do bring toys and grab bags full of coloring pages, snacks, and other fun things for the kids to play with during the sermon time.  We are very casual and you can feel free to wear a suit or shorts, God never set a dress code for worship and so neither do we!

When and Where:

Exciting news!  We are in a new building located at 64 West Mill Street in the heart of downtown Bayfield!  We meet each week from 10-11:30am on Sunday morning and at 6pm each Wednesday night!  We also accept donations for our food and clothing bank each Sunday from 3-6pm so if you have clothing or non-perishable food items that you would like to donate please come drop them off at that time!

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